Blaming the Victim: Hate Campaign Crosses the Line With Serious Consequences

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sunIn an alarming new development in the ongoing smear campaign against Belsebuub and the Gnostic community
who study his teachings, intrusive harassers – inspired by a hate site against Belsebuub and The Gnostic Movement – recently launched a two day long trolling attack upon a peaceful spiritual community at, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake, with one woman resorting to a hunger strike in response.

The impacts have been so severe, that one forum user – so concerned by their onslaught – has determined to go on a hunger strike until the smear campaigners stop their ongoing smear campaign, despite other community users repeatedly imploring her not go through with it.

But in a disturbing and callous twist, those behind the attacks have blamed Belsebuub and the community they targeted, for the terrible impacts their harassment has had on the peaceful online congregation. This irresponsible act has thrown fuel on the fire, and made the woman more determined to continue with her hunger strike.

The new forums at were established as a peaceful place where people with a common interest in practicing Belsebuub’s teachings could discuss, share and learn about the spiritual teachings they enjoy. People were happily discussing subjects such as awareness, spiritual films, flowers, favourite music, relaxation techniques and so on… until the harassing attacks were launched.

The woman who has determined to go on a hunger strike was just another participant in the online community taking active part in the discussions and enjoying the company of the community – until the relentless and disturbing harassment began on the forums.

From around the 15th of March 2011, a coordinated team of anonymous harassers, inspired by a campaign of lies, defamation and deception against Belsebuub and The Gnostic Movement (TGM), came in to violate that community, and began trolling the forums with openly hostile posts, spamming allegations found on a hate site and violating the peaceful assembly of the online community. The hate site also exists solely to harass Belsebuub and this peaceful community.

Some of them attempted to deceptively infiltrate the forums, taking on fake persona’s and pseudonyms, and pretending to be new interested students, in order to gain credibility and trust, to cover their trolling activity – of planting snide, loaded questions and comments designed to undermine Belsebuub and the online community.

The forum rules clearly forbade any postings from anyone openly or subversively opposed to Belsebuub or his teachings. In a flagrant violation of those rules, the trolls came in posting openly insulting comments, at times taunting, defaming and ridiculing Belsebuub and those in the community.

In some posts, false accusations were flung at Belsebuub and the community, many of which are found on the hate-site and have already been refuted here. Alarmingly, some of the trolls even claimed to be speaking for the Black Lodge – the term for an association of demonic beings in Gnostic theology.

One of the trolls has been traced to be the administrator of the hate site himself. Another user on the hate site admitted there that she had contributed to the trolling on the forums, and posted “accusatory” posts because she was ‘bored’, ‘very drugged on antihistamines’ and ‘angry with TGM’.

Many users in the forums stood up against the attackers, and collectively drove them out, incurring many insults and accusations from them as they did.

Being an active participant of the forums, the woman who has since begun a hunger strike, tried to talk down the attackers and answer many of their barbed questions sincerely, and was affected by their negativity.

She now says that she will not stop her hunger strike until the smear campaign ends:

“With this hunger strike, I do not want that my life ends there. I have lots of things to do yet. I hope my message will be heard, that the false allegations against Belsebuub will be removed and that I could stop my hunger strike.”

The stated purpose and reason for her actions is to stop the smear campaign, and she only announced such plans after the trolling attacks were conducted.

Obviously the community has been very concerned for her well being, with many users imploring her to abandon her plans, pointing out that it is dangerous, but she has not listened.

Her family has become aware as well and we understand they are also trying to dissuade her.

Many forum users have tried to speak to her verbally outside the forums, but she has stated she will talk about anything except the hunger strike. She has said that even Belsebuub himself cannot stop her.

Our main constant and regular contact with this lady has been through the online forum at where dozens of people have reached out to voice their concern for her, imploring her to reconsider, noting that risking her health to help is not a good idea and that the idea is not supported by the teachings either.

Indeed, in order to dissuade her from going through with her hunger strike, she has been told her pleas will fall on the deaf ears of the attackers, who will not listen, since they have shown such disregard for others in their actions and won’t care.

And in demonstrating their desire to put their smear campaign before her health, the smear campaigners have now demanded she be banned by the Belsebuubteachings forum — trying to shift responsibility for the consequences of their negative actions onto the person and community
they attacked.

Given the sensitivity of her situation, cutting contact with the very community trying dissuade her from carrying out these actions may make matters worse. The forums are the only place many people have been able to raise their concerns and get in touch with her on this matter, since she refuses to change her mind when spoken to in person.

To reiterate, her family are aware of the situation, and both they and people from our community have been trying to dissuade her. Members of our community in her home city have also been in direct contact with her and her family.

The attackers, in their attempt to wash their hands of the impacts of their recent attacks, have claimed that no one cares about this woman in our online community. That is not true as can be seen from a review of the forums. At writing, there are more than 40 posts asking her to cease her hunger strike, and the vast majority of them because of the impact on her health. A few pointed out –accurately it seems – that due to the callousness of the attackers the smear campaigners may attempt to use her actions to attack Belsebuub. This was pointed out in an attempt to make her see the futility of her plans, out of care for her, so that she would stop. This has been twisted by the smear campaigners into claiming we only care about Belsebuub, not her, even though only a handful of the many posts made that point, and they only did so in order to talk her out of her plans.

Even the woman’s own family have been pointing out the same thing on facebook – that the hunger strike may be used against Belsebuub and make things worse for him, in order to dissuade her from going through with it. Are the smear campaigners going to claim that this shows her family cares more for Belsebuub than her as they did with us when some users pointed out the same thing?

Evidently, it seems the smear campaigners are more interested in harming Belsebuub than helping this woman, and as usual, taking comments out of context and selectively quoting them to suit their campaign and give a distorted impression.

From what we can tell, the smear campaigners are attempting to shift blame onto the community they attacked – even though the hunger strike only came about as a result of what they did on the forums.

We think it is appalling and hypocritical to use and manipulate the plight of a woman who is only doing what she is because of the psychological impact of their actions, in order to protect the smear campaign that spawned the attacks which led to her hunger strike.

We believe they are putting their smear campaign before this woman’s health.

We feel that they are attempting to protect their smear campaign by shifting blame, feigning concern for the woman and community they attacked. Such an attempt to blame Belsebuub may only make matters worse, and may even increase her resolve to continue. Indeed, judging by looking at her facebook page, their attempt to blame Belsebuub has only made things worse and encouraged her to go on with her hunger strike with more determination.

This is typical of their campaign, which from the outset, has shown disregard for the impact it has had on people’s lives – it has already driven apart families and sown much discord.

We hope that the smear campaigners do not continue to play politics with this woman’s life and instead take responsibility for what they caused when they attacked and trolled the forums. Instead they seem more interested in saving their own skins and protecting their smear campaign, than facing up to what they have done.

We realise that this woman has been shocked and troubled by the attacks upon our peaceful community which she was happily enjoying with everyone else, and we really hope that she can stop her hunger strike so that she can continue to enjoy the online community as she was doing before the attacks happened.

At writing, people in our online community continue to contact the woman to encourage her to stop. If you would also like to encourage her to stop her hunger strike you can do so here.

33 Responses to Blaming the Victim: Hate Campaign Crosses the Line With Serious Consequences

  1. Sabah

    “They are attempting to protect their smear campaign by shifting blame, feigning concern for the woman and community they attacked. Such an attempt to blame Belsebuub may only
    make matters worse, and may even increase her resolve to continue.
    Indeed, judging by looking at her facebook page, their attempt to blame Belsebuub has only made things worse and encouraged her to go on with her hunger strike with more determination.”

    This is absolutely terrible.

    Please reconsider your hunger strike and please don’t place your wellbeing in the hands of these dangerous cyberstalkers who will not do as you wish.

  2. gnostic herald

    The people in this smear campaign just keep digging themselves into a deeper pit.

    Blaming the targets of their campaign for the effects of their own attacks?

    Exploiting and twisting the harm they cause to dodge the blame for it?

    Exploiting a woman’s suffering for political reasons to serve their campaign, even though it just makes matters worse?

    They really have hit a new low.

    • olga

      Very low indeed, twisting ideas around the health of an innocent individual who has been drastically impacted by their constant vicious attacks, for their own self-interest and warped campaign.

      The one who has stopped eating is a great girl, with a very sensitive heart wishing to do something to bring an end to the attacks, wanting to be part of the community and only caring for something to be done. To refuse her the community and isolate her is wrong and she needs our support that there are caring people out here to persuade her away from her action of not eating. Not as they suggest coldly to ‘ban her’ from the site? I feel personally, there is absolutely no need for her to carry on in the way she is going, and it is only risking her health and imposing unnecessary difficulties upon herself.

      The actions of those of the hate site, by intruding on our efforts to live peacefully amongst each other in our own community, seem never-ending and only confirm for me their apparent lack of care for human, social and spiritual issues.

  3. Jonathan

    This is a terrible situation, and that the hate campaigners would use it to further their cause makes it even worse.

    I sincerely hope they can see enough reason to put a stop to their twisted campaign before they do anymore harm.

    I also strongly wish for Emma’s wellbeing, although I have never met her in person, I feel for her plight and hope she ends the hunger-strike.

  4. Jenny P

    Gosh, this is just terrible all around and really sad.

    This week we have seen more and more of the relentlessness of these attackers. I agree they have really hit a new low with apparently trying to exploit this woman’s suffering to serve their own campaign and agenda, and like you also pointed out Gnostic Herald, their whole campaign exploiting her hunger strike against Belsebuub will probably only make matters worse. It’s just so terrible.

    When will this end? How far will they go?

    Please stop the hunger strike. These attackers have no regard for anything besides their agenda and smear campaign. We don’t want to see any harm come to you. Because of their lack of regard, decency, and respect for others, it is doubtful they will do what you are requesting, so please take care of yourself and end the hunger strike.

  5. Christos

    They are so insensitive! How can they blame the gnostic community for this?

    They don’t understand that they are completely responsible for what she goes through?

    I believe all that matters to them is that the gnostic community is destroyed, apparently even if this means that people are harmed. This is not just about persuading people. This is becoming very serious and I am very concerned.

    They have already violated our religious freedom and now I believe they are demeaning the health of a person belonging to our community.

  6. Dara

    This whole set of events is horrible. I am very concerned for Emma, whom I have met on several occasions, and I feel for her family as well.

    These attackers have indeed hit a new all time low, and nobody is fooled by the way they try to twist events to support their own malicious agenda. It appears to me they are very insensitive to the health of this person at this point, that they would continue to antagonize this woman by posting about her on their site.

    Again, Emma, if you read this, please stop your hunger strike, we are very concerned for your safety.

  7. Jenny R

    This is really awful on so many levels!

    I really hope Emma ends this hunger strike soon.

  8. Justin

    I suspect these people trolling and spamming the forums realize that no one on the site finds their words persuasive or their presence welcome. So to me, it seems they are trying to harass and disrupt a community and not to “help” anyone. It seems so malevolent — and so sad.

    And then the latest article twisting Emma’s hunger strike in an effort to attack Belsebuub…I don’t know how to describe it. It appears the author of that post has seized on this unfortunate event only to harm Belsebuub and further their own malicious agenda, wrapping it all in a pretense of caring for the person involved. I think it’s reprehensible to take a person who is obviously going through some tough times and use them as a pawn in a smear campaign.

    I also echo the concerns of everyone else about Emma and repeat here that I hope she ends this hunger strike soon, for the sake of her health foremost and secondly to not give any further ammunition to those who wish only to slander Belsebuub’s good name.

  9. Jordan


    The longer this sad situation goes on, the worse it is not only for the woman in question, but also the very people she is trying to help. In my view, it was, is, and would always be a bad idea, and as has been pointed out by many others on the Belsebuub Teachings forum, is in no way consistent with Gnosis and Belsebuub’s own teachings!

    As this article has shown so clearly, nonetheless, the attackers from the hate site predictably have used it to further their agenda and make many more attacks, then shift the blame as usual onto others. It is sickening that they claim that Belsebuub or the teachings are the cause of her actions. How can that be when the entire community of those actually practicing these same teachings can see how misplaced this idea was and tried and continue to try in so many ways to help her to see that!?

    These attackers seem to be really scrambling to cover themselves for their actions. This time, it is on display for the whole world to see.


    • Matthew

      “It is sickening that they claim that Belsebuub or the teachings are the cause of her actions. How can that be when the entire community of those actually practicing these same teachings can see how misplaced this idea was and tried and continue to try in so many ways to help her to see that!?”

      Good point Jordan. As usual they distort things and take events completely out of context to attack. There is no logic or balance to their claims when you look at the facts. And it’s like with everything in their senseless obsessive campaign to harm Belsebuub.

  10. Roy S

    I’m glad to read that Emma’s family is aware of her situation and I hope this is going to end on a good note soon!

    I can’t believe there are people out there twisting her reasons for her hunger strike around to fit their purpose. Feeding the negativity against belsebuub and his teachings even more. You can read clearly on the forum on belsebuub teaching website that the false allegations
    against us are unacceptable.

    It can’t get any clearer then this…

  11. Scott

    It seems hatred distorts their perception and appreciation for their own responsibility.
    Let us hope that they come to this realisation before more are harmed.

  12. Seraphim

    I couldn’t imagine that they would dare to touch this sensitive subject about the life of girl in order to continue their smear campaign against Belsebuub and our community. The effect is to push her to continue this false decision. What people are they? It seems they continue on deeper and lower level of hate and anger.

    I think that their purpose they came in our forums was to put “fire” and create problems. And after that, now there is this problem.

    I strongly wish Emma for her wellbeing and stop this hunger strike very soon. It doesn’t worth to continue like that to make them to change their decision.

    I would like also to thanks from my heart all those that they have contributed the most (included her family) in this attempt to make her to change her mind. I strongly wish they make her listen them and stop this hunger strike.

  13. Andrew

    Just to let everyone know I’ve posted an update on to let people know what’s happening here in Montreal to make sure Emma is taken care and supported in a safe and responsible way.
    All the best.

    • concerned

      Thanks for letting us know Andrew, it’s great to know that Emma has help in person through you guys and her family in Montreal as much as possible as well as the care of the community here and on

      Emma if you’re reading this, please listen to everyone and stop your hunger strike before it starts to hurt your health. Their actions towards you already show that it’s unlikely that their decisions or their actions will change.

  14. Vida

    “We think it is appalling and hypocritical to use and manipulate the plight of a woman who is only doing what she is because of the psychological impact of their actions, in order to protect the smear campaign that spawned the attacks which led to her hunger strike.”

    I couldn’t agree more.

    Jenny, I think its interesting you brought up the question of when will it end and how far will they go? It certainly seems like it has gone too far already. It is shocking to me that this group of cyber stalkers still cannot clearly see the harmful effects they have on peoples lives and that they continue to try to twist things to suit their own hateful campaign, when in reality it is their hateful campaign that is continuously hurting people. And then they try to blame
    Belsebuub for it? Unbelievable really. It is actually quite sickening.

    I sincerely hope the hunger strike ends as quickly as possible. Thankfully this young lady has a lot of support around her, hopefully it won’t go any farther than this.

  15. vadim

    Thank you very much to everyone who are helping her.

    I really hope that more people will understand now how harmful is this continuous campaign of persecution.

    May all beings be happy

  16. geraldine

    I just am at loss for words.. This is really a horrible and sad event – and to have the people responsible behind this young woman’s decision to go on hunger strike rejecting their responsibility and attempting to put the blame on the very people that care about her is just so revolting and disturbing.

    I echo what everyone has said and in particular what Jenny has said:

    “Please stop the hunger strike. These attackers have no regard for anything besides their agenda and smear campaign. We don’t want to see any harm come to you. Because of their lack of regard, decency, and respect for others, it is doubtful they will do what you are requesting, so please take care of yourself and end the hunger strike.”

    And I add that, dear young woman, I feel your pain, we all feel it, but I believe these attackers are fanatical people, and that they are ready to stoop low to spread their lies. It seems to me they care not for your health or well-being and are obviously only too ready to use your decision to go on hunger strike by twisting it and lying about it.

    Out of love and concern for yourself and in line and respect of the teachings and teacher you so fiercely defend, I sincerely hope and pray that you will please humbly stop your hunger strike.

  17. Gabrielle

    Thanks for shedding light on this remarkable story. It is great to hear that her family is aware and involved. I was wondering about this, so thanks for the update.
    Hopefully she will be persuaded to stop.

    While I do not support the hunger strike, I can empathize with how powerless Emma must have felt to stop the attacks on the spiritual teacher Belsebuub and within the community forums.


  18. Matthew

    I really hope the attackers can face the reality of what they have caused. I also really hope that Emma, if she reads this, can stop her hunger strike for her own well-being.

    In regards to the attackers, the simple fact is, if they hadn’t brought their smear campaign into the forums with their trolling intrusions, this would never have happened. Emma was affected by, and is responding to, the actions they deliberately took to disrupt the
    community in violation of its rules.

    I had hoped those responsible would have enough humanity, that these circumstances would prompt some reflection about the damaging effects of their hate campaign, and encourage them to reconsider what they are doing, but sadly they have even used this to just attack further, and made things worse for Emma.

    While they have blamed the people they attacked for the results of their attacks, I’m glad to see that people in our community have taken constructive steps. I was very happy to see this update posted in the Belsebuub teachings forums by a Gnostic in Emma’s city:

    “Myself and other friends have been in daily contact with Emmanuelle during the past few days. We have met in person and on the phone multiple times, daily, to listen and be supportive. But we’ve also persistently explained that we don’t feel this is the best way she can help the Gnostic Teachings and that another course of action should be taken. Respecting her free will, we cannot do anymore to try to dissuade her, but we’ve contacted her family directly and will work with them and the appropriate social services to make sure that she is taken care of, mentally and physically.”

    I wish all the best to Emma’s friends and family in helping her.

  19. Patricia

    I too think that this is quite possibly the lowest they have stooped to yet.
    It would appear, as Scott also points out, that they are truly blinded.
    They really cannot see the reality of things as they have created them.
    Do they not have any other purpose in their life other than to seek to wreck havoc and cause damage?

    I hope that for Emmanuell’s sake that she can reconsider. In the meantime all we can do is remain strong internally, resolute to keep moving forward and support each other in our common goal.

    • concerned

      It does seem like the web of lies and deceit that they have created is becoming reality for them and influencing how they perceive everything. This is not the first time
      too that those from their campaign have tried to push blame onto Belsebuub or our community without any grounding in reality and hurting people in the process.

      Personally I have experienced many times help and support in difficult situations from the community of students studying Belsebuub’s teachings and the care, compassion and inner strength required to offer that support stands out in stark contrast to the actions of those who want to harm Belsebuub and anyone who wants to practice his teachings or support him.

      If they will intentionally harm others and twist, misrepresent and lie about people’s words, actions and lives to try and further defame Belsebuub then I feel that with those actions they define their true motives and discredit their smear campaign.

  20. David P

    It is just terrible what these attackers will stoop to. This whole situation really highlights how horrible and ill-willed their hate campaign is and how ridiculous their arguments are
    which defy common sense.

  21. layla

    Absolutely shocking!

    To intentionally use the desperate pleas of this young woman to end the horrible smear campaign against Belsebuub to drive her deeper into the hunger strike is unscrupulous.

    I beg you Emma please stop your hunger strike, your health is so important – don’t jeopardise it. Those smear campaigners have no care for you – they will use your noble intentions to their own demise, to attack you and attack Belsebuub, as they have.

  22. laura

    Emma, if you are reading this, please consider your actions and stop your strike. I am sure you are able to see that you cannot move these individuals’ hearts this way as they seem too much under the influence of their hatred to be able to see clearly as Scott said. This will only result in damage to your health.

    I hope these sincerely mistaken people will soon put an end to their malice and desperate spreading of harm and ill-will amongst honest people who are only in search of truth, beauty and happiness.

  23. godislove

    I totally agree with the sentiment here.

    I also wanted to point out that the hate site in question actually posted on their site that the administrators had nothing to do with the forum attacks. However, it was discovered that one of the main intruders on the Belsebuub Teachings forums is the registered administrative
    contact for the same hate site. So there you have it, an all out lie.
    What credibility can these people have left after blatantly telling untruths, going and disrupting other people’s peaceful activities against their wishes, and now aggravating the situation with Emma – after everything else they have done?

    The harm that has been caused to Emma is only one small part of their campaign – they have harmed many people and their families, but particularly Belsebuub, both at the level of a spiritual teacher in doing whatever they can to stop him from teaching and even just as a human being. Imagine yourself in his shoes knowing all the activities of their campaign? How much harassment, falsity, denigration, threats, and attacks must someone put up with? No human being should have to put up with any of it. I think enough is enough, and that something must be done to stop these attacks. There is a forum thread about it here on the
    blog of Belsebuub Teachings

    • Jenny R

      “The harm that has been caused to Emma is only one small part of their campaign – they have harmed many people and their families, but particularly Belsebuub, both at the level of a spiritual teacher in doing whatever they can to stop him from teaching
      and even just as a human being.” — I totally agree with you there.

      As Jordan pointed out on the Belsebuub Teachings forums, it seems these people have really forgotten that they are dealing with real human beings, and that no matter the motivation or justifications, their actions hurt people.

      • Matthew

        I agree. It seems their overriding purpose is to harm Belsebuub and they will twist anything and do anything in order to serve the sinister purpose of seeking to harm this wonderful teacher.

        When are they going to see that seeking top harm a person is not spiritual, and no matter how they justify it, it is such a sinister goal? How can they waste their lives in pursuit of seeking to harm?

        Belsebuub teaches those who wish to learn from him. They don’t have to, they never did, and now it appears they are bent on destroying him when they are the source of their own misery. But I think they also really harm themselves by wasting their lives in pursuit of hate.

  24. eleni

    This is all too sad and has been going on way too long. Furthermore these peoples reactions to the latest developments show that they have no limits or mercy. They don’t care about anybody’s health or well-being and just want to continue their smear campaign.. It seems unbelievable what hatred can do to people.
    I hope Emma stops her strike immediately. We all need our health and we have to be strong to get past these hard times.

  25. David P

    There is a new thread here
    where if you want to you can add your voice to the call for the forum intruders to leave us in peace.

  26. emma

    Hello everyone,

    Through my spiritual experiences, and the positive results in my life that my internal work has given with the teachings of Belsebuub, I decided to get up and take action and use a method of nonviolent resistance against those who do not understand the importance of internal work. I voluntarily accepted suffering and start a hunger strike, March 17, 2011, to protest against the slanders that are brought against our integrity in our work internally. I held five days of hunger strike.

    I could stop my hunger strike yesterday, Wednesday, March 23, because 2 other supporters take the relay for this strike may take longer and that people understand that we have the right to defend ourselves against these false allegations which are carried on us and Belsebuub, over the past 3 years previously.

    The internal work is more urgent than ever. All tools are provided in the books of Belsebuub so simple that we all can understand and use it now to be successful. See
    Happy reading and good practices. That peace be with You.

  27. gnostic herald

    There is another thread here outlining all the awful things the smear campaigners have done to Belsbuub:

  28. emma

    Five months have passed.

    Today, one of the ancient Gnostic teachers, of the teachings of Belsebuub in my town have condemned my actions and took me out of his activities. I was found unfit to share his group. Because I did the hunger strike and I fight to protect the teachings of Belsebuub.

    The cleaver fell.

    Now I begin my first steps on my own path, with the guidance of Belsebuub and the many challenges that lie ahead.

    Montreal, Canada

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